7 rooms, of which two are luxury with air-conditioning
Class: Guestfarm

The farm Ababis was established as outpost for the former “Kaiserliches Landgestuet Nauchas and belonged to the Voigt family until 1985. Since then it is being run by the Schulze Neuhoff family. The 32,000ha farm is divided into a commercial farming section and a 15,000ha private nature reserve, which focuses on species protection. It is one of the oldest farms in the south of Namibia and is predominantly stocked with cattle and ostriches. The farm also has areas devoted purely to wildlife including gemsbok, springbok, blesbok, occasional zebra, kudu, and some bat-eared foxes. Due to a central location and attentive and personal service this is the ideal place to linger for a few days enjoy the comfortable rooms which boast a private bathroom and verandah. There is a shady shady garden to enjoy and mealtimes are marked by good food and selected wines.
Ababis is south of Solitaire on the western side of the C14 at the junction of the D1273 and the C14. It can also be reached by turning east on the D1273 from the C19.
GPS Coordinates: S23°58'49.618" E16°5'36.951"