2 x Beach Chalets
20 x Double rooms
Class: Rest Camp, 2 Star

Terrace Bay is a coastal sanctuary located inside the vast and desolate Skeleton Coast Park. It incorporates both the wild and raging water ecosystems of the Atlantic Ocean and the mystic and age-old northern Namib Desert; where the lingering scent of salt, sea and sand accompanies you wherever you go.

Popular with anglers, photographers and nature enthusiasts alike, Terrace Bay is the ideal beach retreat where popular activities range from fishing, hiking and game watching.

The dry river beds of the perennial Huab and Uniab Rivers, whose riverine vegetation is frequented by Desert Elephant, Rhino and Lion pave the route to the scenic Damaraland and give this area a wilderness appeal very few people know of.
370 km north of Swakopmund
GPS Coordinates: 19°59'31.4988”S 13°2'14.6508”E