10 adobe-styled, thatched units each raised on individual wooden decking - part of which extends out to form a large viewing deck with magnificent vistas. Each tent has en-suite facilities (shower only), a walk-in dressing area and built-in fan. Mosquito repellent is also provided.
Class: Tented, 4 Star

Damaraland Camp is located in possibly the most pristine wilderness area in Namibia, the Huab River Valley. Boasting panoramic vistas of stark plains, ancient valleys and the soaring inselberg of the Brandberg Mountains, cheerful Damaraland Camp integrates the local community and environment through sustainable ecotourism. This rare synergy has won a host of awards, including the 2005 WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Conservation Award which is one of the top two global environmental travel awards.
90km from Torra Bay in the Torra Conservancy
GPS Coordinates: 20°32'35"S 14°30'31"E